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Lyris Bulk Mailing Service

Lyris List Servers are designed to meet the needs of larger email publishers requiring flexibility, reliability, and cost-effectiveness.

Standard Features

  • Send anything: Supports text, HTML, multi-part MIME, or AOL-compatible messages.
  • Mail merge: Personalize your mail by inserting each member's name or email address into the message's header and body, e.g., Dear Jane Smith or Dear jane@smith.com.
  • Bounce handling: Lyris List automatically identifies and removes bad email addresses according to rules you specify.
  • Headers and footers: Specify a custom header or footer to appear in every outgoing message.
  • Failsafe unsubscribe: Default footer makes it easy for list members to unsubscribe with just a click.
  • Scheduling: Message distribution can be scheduled in advance and released to your list at a particular date/time.
  • One custom domain: Brand your list name, e.g., yourlist@lists.your-company-name.com.
  • Archives: Optionally store messages for public viewing via the web interface.
  • Reporting: View detailed information on message delivery, retries, and bounces, as well as on list membership.

PRO Marketing Features (optional)

  • Clickthrough tracking: See which offers worked by tracking members who clicked on particular URLs.
  • Total personalization: Customize your message by inserting mail merge tags and dynamic, conditional content into the message's header and body.
  • Segmentation: Target the perfect audience using member preferences, demographics, or any other information in your database.
  • HTML open detection: Know if and when list members looked at your mail.


Members/20kb Messages per month # of
Price per month Overage
Basic Plan 10,000 1 $35 $45 $3.00
Business Plan 20,000 1 $45 $65 $3.00
Business Plus Plan 40,000 5 $55 $85 $3.00
Enterprise Plan 100,000 1 $75 $145 $3.00
Enterprise Plus Plan 200,000 10 $150 $245 $3.00

With PRO
Members/20kb Messages per month # of
Price per month Overage
BusinessPRO Plan 250,000 15 $275 $875 $5.25
EnterprisePRO Plan 500,000 30 $575 $1,750 $3.50

Messages sent above and beyond your included message volume are charged at a flat rate per thousand (the "overage CPM"), assuming an average message size of 20 kilobytes.

Overage rates increase in proportion to your average message size. For example, messages with an average monthly size of 20kb sent with a package with Standard Features, overages are charged at $3.00 per thousand.

Administrative messages (such as subscribes, unsubscribes, and welcome messages) are free. Digests and indexes count as a single message.

To order list hosting service, simply complete the Lyris List Service Agreement and return is to us according to the instructions on page 1.