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Customer Chat™ Service

Your Price $29.00
$29.00 U.S. Monthly
No Setup Fee!
Provide Jaw-dropping customer service
to help you close more sales.

Fully Integrated into Custom Vantage Web
One administration point for your entire web site and Customer Chat™ features.

Support for multiple requests and chats at the same time
Your representatives can hold on-line chats with multiple users at the same time.

Support for unlimited operators and departments
Set as many representatives and departments as you need. Get your whole staff to work with the system, you don't need additional licenses per representative as with other similar applications.

Party Is Typing Notification
Use this feature to know when your counterpart is typing a message.

Automatic transcript storage
Set Customer Chat™ to log and save your chat sessions for later review.

Proactive Chat (Client Pull)
Invite your visitors to chat and proactively provide support. Pull clients and increase your sales.

Visitor Tracking
Track your site visitors in real-time, know who's on your site and doing what and for how long. Now you can even track pages by department (set which department tracks which pages).

Custom Invitations
Imagine being able to prompt your visitors to chat by sending them an invitation about the page they're surfing!. Your visitors won't receive a generic "Would you like to chat?" request, but a custom message about the page they're viewing.

Hidden Departments
You can have hidden departments only accessible for your representatives. These department can be used to escalate support issues. In this way you can have a front line of support representatives which can select and filter the requests and pass them to the proper representatives.

Automatic Reconnect
Your active monitor can detect if the connection gets lost and attempt to reconnect so that you do not lose any potential customers.

Country Look-ups
Customer Chat™ can automatically detect the country where your customer is located.

Desktop Launcher Utility
Customer Chat™ comes with an optional free utility that you can install on your PC and gets connected to the system on Start Up. Better yet, the application hides in your system tray so it is readily available and displays messenger like notifications.

Past conversations review
Your representatives will be able to review any chats that the user has had in the past. This is useful when a chat is transferred and the new assigned representative wants to know what kind of information was supplied.

Text Links Instead of graphic button
You can set text links instead of using a graphic support button.

Instant Messenger System
Built In Pager to send quick messages to other representatives online, a powerful feature to request help to other reps. while holding a chat session.

You can set Customer Chat™ to automatically reach for your customers if they spend a predefined time on a page. If a customer spends 2 minutes on a page, Customer Chat™ will immediately ask the user if he would like to talk one of your representatives.

Automatic Linking of URLs
During a chat session, Customer Chat™ will automatically convert any typed URL or e-mail address to a link.

Transfer calls to other departments / operators
Transfer calls to any department or representative directly with just a click.

Visitor Data Capture
Your visitors IP address, host, browser, operating system and detailed information regarding past requests, is available to your representatives in their chat panel.

Footsteps Tracking
Easily review which pages have been visited by the user and what is his current location.

Independent Support Buttons for your departments and representatives
Set different status icons for your departments and representatives. Your customers can directly chat with your representatives or departments and instantly know the online status of each.

Session Time Metrics
Generate complete instant reports about the total and average session times for your representatives and departments.

IP Filter
Block any undesired calls and spammers by using the built in IP filtering system

Automatic Purging of Chat Transcripts
You can set the system to automatically remove older session transcripts in order to keep your database working fast.

Busy Requests Reporting
Get immediate information on requests that were not accepted. Check who declined the call and how busy the representative was at that time

Support for Representatives Photo
Display your representatives photography to your customers to provide an additional human touch to your support sessions

Push Pages and files
Send your visitors directly to the pages they’re looking for, send them files and maximize your customer's experience.

Canned Responses and Commands
Add any number of automated replies and commands, push images, messages and URL's by just selecting the command from a list box!

Quick Words
Easily trigger canned commands and automated replies by just typing a single word. A Quick Word is a shortcut to your canned commands, once typed it'll trigger the complete canned command.

Sound Alerts and Notifications
Customer Chat™ can play sound alerts to notify you when a request call has been placed or when a user user has replied during a chat session or even when a new visitor is detected on the site.

Active Monitor
Web-based Active monitor to check your incoming requests. Also an optional Windows utility is included that connects to the system every time you start your PC.

Request Balancing
Customer Chat™ automatically balances your calls to evenly distribute them among your on-line representatives per department! Additionally you can set how many requests each of your users can handle.

Automatic re-queue of request If no one takes a call, the request can then be queued again so that any free representative can take it.

Automatic request handling
If after a selected time period the call is not taken by the representative (she's not at her desk for example), the call will be immediately queued again and assigned to another representative.

E-mail Chat Transcript
Users can get a copy of the chat transcript by e-mail with just a click.

Printable Transcripts
Users can get printable versions of the chat transcripts with just a click.

Leave a message
If customers can't reach you (your whole staff is busy or off-line) Customer Chat™ will prompt the customer to leave you a message and automatically redirect them to the contact form on your web site!

Option to rate the request session
Your customers can rate the support session at any time during the chat, plus your representative gets immediate feedback on how he's doing!

Comprehensive Stats and reports
Graphic charts and reports let you see exactly the number of requests per day, requests per department, system performance, and more!

Optional Form Fields
You can have up to 3 custom fields to gather information related to your business just before the customer submits his chat request.

Hot Lead Tracking
Customer Chat™ can now identify users with a high purchase potential. Using its Hot Lead tracking technology, Your service representatives will be able to identify and pick qualified leads browsing your site based on their referral.

Representative Login Times
Get a detailed view of the times your representatives connect and disconnect to the system.

Active Sessions Report
Get a quick view of which sessions are taking place by checking a report in the start screen.

Button code generator
r Generate codes for displaying support buttons that connect the users directly with your departments or representatives.

Customer Support Survey
You can ask the customer to rate your support sessions and provide comments about the chat experience. You can even have any number of custom fields and have a complete survey that your customer can optionally complete.

Spell Checking
Your representatives have a spell checking option to check what they type to their customers

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